Alpine Heights

Alpine Heights, the first SHARE development, was completed in 2002.  It is located on the corner of Park Avenue and Meadow View Drive in Leavenworth and has 10 three- and four-bedroom homes, a community garden and picnic area.

The vision for Alpine Heights, and SHARE in general, was to provide affordable housing opportunities for residents who would otherwise be unable to live and contribute to the community where they work.  This includes school teachers, nurses, mill workers, forestry workers, orchard workers, and motel and restaurant workers, among others.

The central values behind the development of Alpine Heights, as well as all current and future SHARE developments, are dignity and respect. This includes all residents regardless of age, cultural or economic background, as well as immediate neighbors and the community at large. It also means respect for the land and the environment. To honor these core values, the development of Alpine Heights involved prospective residents in the design process and community input throughout the development process.

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