How do I qualify?

The following questions will guide you in determining whether you qualify or not for SHARE Community Land Trust homeownership opportunities.

  1. Do I earn 80% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI)?
    To qualify to purchase a SHARE home, your household must earn less than 80% of Chelan County's area median income. Be sure to combine the incomes of all earners in the household. Income is calculated based on gross income. See the chart below to determine if you and your family meet this income qualification.
  2. Have I lived or worked in the areas served by the Cascade School District for at least 1 year in my life?
    We show a strong preference for people who have lived or worked in the areas served by the Cascade School District for at least one year at any point in their life. The Cascade School District covers the Upper Wenatchee Valley, from Peshastin and Dryden up to Leavenworth, Lake Wenatchee and Stevens Pass, and from Plain out to Blewett Pass.
  3. Do I have any assets (cash, trusts, retirement acounts, stocks, bonds, etc.) in excess of $15,000?
    This helps ensure that low or moderate income does not mask substantial assets that could allow a family to purchase a market-rate home.
  4. Will the Community Land Trust (CLT) home be my only home?
    We require that the Community Land Trust Home be your only home at the start of the purchasing process and during your ownership.


2019 Chelan County Area Median Income

Household Size

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
80% of AMI Yearly $38,300 $43,800 $49,250 $54,700 $59,100 $63,500 $67,850 $72,250
80% of AMI Monthly $3,192 $3,650 $4,104 $4,558 $4,925 $5,292 $5,654 $6,021


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