SHARE Community Land Trust

Alpine Heights

Providing quality, affordable homeownership to low and medium income families, forever.

SHARE Community Land Trust holds and develops land in a way that includes:

  • quality, environmentally sensitive, permanently affordable housing for low and moderate income residents.
  • educational programs and support to help residents of the land trust to be successful homeowners, good neighbors, and contributing members of the community.
  • the creation of facilities and/or spaces that will strengthen the community.

What is SHARE Community Land Trust?

SHARE Community Land Trust (CLT) is an affordable homeownership program that was established in 1998. It arose out of concern for the rising costs of homes and land in Leavenworth, WA. Currently SHARE stewards 20 homes in two neighborhoods - Alpine Heights and Aldea Village.

Why do we need SHARE CLT?

We live in a small, beautiful valley. But limited land and the area's high desirability forces the cost of housing and land beyond what many can afford. Store clerks, housekeepers, teachers, foresters, agricultural workers, artists, and even small shopowners are finding themselves squeezed out of the local housing market, even though these individuals are vital to the growth and wellbeing of our community. If this trend continues, we will lose the small town character that is as vital and special as the natural beauty that surrounds us.

How does a CLT work?

A CLT is a way for a community with high land values to address the need for affordable housing with an emphasis on homeownership. Under the CLT format, a non-profit owns land and builds a home on that land. Instead of selling both the home and the lot together, the land is retained in a trust, and the home is sold to the homeowner. The homeowner is then able to lease the land for a small fee. In an area like Leavenworth where land costs are significant, low and moderate income homeowners are able to purchase a home for a lower cost than in the traditional market. 

Learn more about the two SHARE communities, Alpine Heights and Aldea Village.

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