Is Planned Giving Right For You?

You Make a Difference Now; You Can Make a Lasting Difference Too

You provide affordable housing so that those that work here can live here too.

You provide medical and dental care for the uninsured and underinsured.

You provide food and emergency assistance to families and seniors struggling to make ends meet.

You ensure all our community members can live engaged, productive lives with dignity and respect.


You can continue your work building an Upper Valley community with equitable access to food, housing, healthcare and emergency services by planning for a future gift. Getting started is easy.

Upper Valley MEND has partnered with Community Foundation North Central Washington’s Give 10 program to help community members in their planned giving.  

Planned giving can use life insurance policies, real estate, stocks, retirement funds and cash assets. It supports the causes close to your heart and can provide you with multiple benefits:


Can provide tax benefits

Bequests are fully deductable for federal estate tax purposes. With careful planning your estate can pay significantly less estate tax, allowing you to leave more to your loved ones.

Can work with your priorities

Bequests are fully deductible for federal taxes. You can modify your bequest at any time if your circumstances change. Planned giving is not an "all or nothing" option and gifts can exist side-by-side with other beneficiaries and personal priorities.

Will be long remembered

When you leave a legacy to your community through a planned gift, you help ensure that the good work you have supported throughout your life will continue in your name.


You don’t have to be rich, anyone can make a legacy gift and no amount is too small to have a lasting impact.

Including Upper Valley MEND in your will is powerful way to care for your community and to make sure future generations’ needs are always met with dignity.

If you are interested in learning more please give us a call at 548 0408 or check out the Community Foundation's Give 10 webpage for more information. 

There is a list of professional advisors who are familiar with Give 10 and you can download an example Bequest Language form.

Community Foundation will work with you and your professional advisor on the types of gifts that will work best for you.

Thank you for all you do now to help those in need in the Upper Valley and thank you for considering a planned gift to help future generations. 

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