Kaylin Bettinger next MEND executive director

Over the last month, the Upper Valley MEND board of directors has been interviewing and vetting candidates for a new executive director. The board is now pleased to announce that Kaylin Bettinger has been named executive director, effective June 1, 2016. A strategic thinker and energetic do-er, Bettinger brings operations, communications and development experience to MEND, most recently as MEND’s communications and development manager.

“The board of directors is excited about hiring Kaylin as the next executive director,” said Brian Koblenz, MEND board president. “She is thoughtful, creative, energetic, committed with wisdom beyond her years. We are confident she has the capacity to do great things.”

Bettinger comes to the executive director position with a background in development and communications. She has worked in the communications field for five years, working as a reporter and a high school writing and journalism teacher abroad, before coming to work at MEND in 2014.

“I’m thrilled to accept the position as MEND’s executive director,” Bettinger said. “Working for an organization that has so much positive impact on the community has been an amazing gift. Over the past year and a half I’ve learned the organization inside and out, working with Chuck Reppas on MEND’s operations, development and outreach. The need for MEND’s services continues to increase every year, and I’m excited by the important work that lies ahead for our team.”

In the upcoming months, Bettinger, the board of directors and MEND staff will work to complete a strategic planning process that began in February. The planning process will allow MEND to study community needs in the Upper Valley, and create program goals that work to address these needs.

“It’s a pivotal time for MEND with one of our big projects shutting down, but I think we have an incredible opportunity to build from here,” Bettinger said. “I’m excited to pursue some of the ideas we’ve dreamed up for how to make this organization even stronger, and to talk with community members and stakeholders to hear what they want to see from MEND in the future. We take very seriously that MEND is a community organization, and we want to hear from all of you about how we can best create MEND programs that meet community needs.”

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