First stage of RIG passed

Fresh produce is an essential part of a healthy diet and the Community Cupboard strives to provide its customers with as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible. When we transitioned the Community Cupboard to a shopping model in May, where customers use points to buy the food they want, we wanted to improve our ability to store and display fresh produce. Grocery retail experts put produce at the front of the store in open, bright, and easily accessible produce displays to encourage customers to choose them. Currently, all of our produce is packed into two small, solid-door freezers and refrigerators and is it is not easy for shoppers to see what is available. To address this issue, we submitted a grant application for $21,252 to the Community Foundation Regional Impact Grant to purchase two glass-fronted fridges, two glass-fronted freezers and an open cooler to improve the display and accessibility of the wonderful produce provided by gleaning and grocery rescue. Last week, executive director Kaylin Bettinger, Community Cupboard manager Bob Mark and Community Harvest coordinator Chelsea Evans met with staff from the Community Foundation at the Cupboard for a site visit. They gave a quick tour of the Cupboard and answered questions about our proposal.

Receiving a Regional Impact Grant means we would participate in the Give NCW crowdfunding campaign. The Regional Impact Grant is an opportunity to seek funding directly from the Foundation, while the Give NCW component builds awareness of MEND's needs and seeks funding from the community to reach our funding goal. 

We will hear if we are successful in September and how much of the requested amount will be granted by the Foundation and how much we will have to crowdfund. 

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