The impact of fair trade

As consumers, we can choose to support the poor of the world by buying fair trade products. Fair trade benefits artisans and farmers in the following ways:
•Receiving a fair day’s wage in their economy
•Decent working conditions and opportunities
•No children working in sweat shops
•Prices for products that cover the cost of production, regardless of the world economy
•Environmental sustainability
•Long-term commitment to the producers to ensure economic sustainability.
Fair trade agreements benefit the poorest producers, assisting in alleviating poverty and promoting economic justice. Nearly 75 percent of all people living on less than $1 a day live in rural areas of developing countries and work primarily in farming. They need better opportunities to sell products at a fair price. Jubilee is committed to buying products from these producers at a fair price to guarantee the artisans and farmers a fair wage for their labor. This allows artisans, farmers, and their families to have access to a higher standard of living.

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