Host an Event or Fundraiser

Use your network to support those in need

Community events and fundraisers hosted on behalf of MEND ensure that no one in the Upper Valley needs to be hungry, homeless or without healthcare.

If you would like to host a community event or fundraiser to help those in need give us a call at (509) 548 0408 or email We can answer any questions you might have, help get the word out, and share your success to inspire others to do the same.

Every year community members get together to host a fun event to help support families in need. Some ideas include:

Dine with MEND

Local restuarants and bars share a portion of profits from a special evening

Galas, Community Dinners, Live Auctions

Host a dinner and help feed your neighbors, shelter the homeless and care for the sick at the same time

Food and Toy Drives

Food drives put food on the shelves at the Community Cupboard which goes directly to those who need it and toy drives put presents under Christmas trees for kids in need

Event Sponsorship

Sponsor an event and help maximize services available to those in need


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