Join Us

Together, we can provide healthcare, hunger relief and housing to those who need it most in the Upper Wenatchee Valley. The programs of Upper Valley MEND could never be sucessful without the support of the Upper Wenatchee Valley community, and they will continue to thrive only with your support. Join us in the fight to make the Upper Valley community sustainable and resilient.

You can support the work of Upper Valley MEND by:

  • Making a financial donation to any of our program areas.
  • Volunteer to help with a program, events, fundraisers, or office support.
  • Offering your gifts of services, professional in-kind support and work.
  • Being a patron of Das Thrift Haus and Jubilee Global Gifts--your shopping purchases directly support our programs.
  • Fund a food drive, fundraising event, or work service project within your family or community group, in support of one or more of our programs.
  • Serve on the MEND board of directors, an advisory board, planning committee or short-term committee.

If you have questions about volunteering or getting involved, fill out our volunteer form, call the MEND offices at (509) 548-0408, or send us an email with your name, address, phone number, where you would like to volunteer (Community Cupboard, SHARE CLT, Upper Valley Free Clinic, Cornerstone, Jubilee or other), and what you would be interested in doing.

Please remember us in your will and trusts.

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Upper Valley MEND is not affiliated with MEND in Pacoima, California.