Every year local potters give their time and talent to create custom bowls-nearly 800 each year—for the Empty Bowls Festival. This is the 22nd year that the potters have supported this community event and their efforts are greatly appreciated. We couldn’t do this without them!



"One reason why some of us potters enjoy throwing bowls for Empty Bowls is that it's good practice.  Wheelthrowing is a skill, which, like dancing or certain sports can be kept best if kept in use.  So, in a way, we're multi-tasking as we also give of our time and unique skill to help out a good cause."

"Folks that I meet often comment on how much they love to decorate bowls and practice their artistry together with friends old and new.  I see this again when I unload their finished artwork from my kiln.  It is indeed an honor to have such amazing community love pass through my small workshop.  To hold these bowls all shiny and warm with tender sentiments, encouragements or commemorations, is an intimate and moving experience.  Depictions of what we hold dear preserve the stories of our common life."
--  Dawn Kranz

"I've been involved in Empty Bowls for 3 years and I love doing this because of the importance of raising money for our Community Cupboard.  A side benefit for me is that I get to do what I love most, and that is helping out my community for the less fortunate.  At the same time, all the volunteers give the community an art experience the is fun and exciting."

"I feel Empty Bowls is such a fun community event for a great cause and I look forward to getting together with my fellow artists and potters! As an artist and potter it is exciting to see what other people paint."
--  Terry Porlier

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